Mineral Processing Department is one of the eldest in Donetsk National Technical University. It works since 1927 and had prepared more than 3,700 specialists.

           Mineral Processing Department graduating students get diplomas: bachelor (4 years), specialist (5 years) and master's degree of Mineral Processing (5.5 years). There are the Post-graduate students too.

           Basic scientific directions of MP-department are: mineral processing and coal preparation theory and practice development, vibrate equipment design, technology audit of working and designing plants and equipment.

           Mineral Processing department consists of 4 professors, PhD, 4 associate professors, PhD and 3 assistants now.

           MP-department is disposed in 13th laboratories, PC-class. Tree branches of Department are in function, which located on modern coal preparation plants. The history of Department is related to the names of wide known scientists: prof. Meller E.F., prof. Eljashevich M.G., prof. Presniakov V.., prof. Elyshevych A.T.